In order to comply with Act 170, ETS has implemented functionality within the statewide theme to display the Hawaiian translation of the department from the main page of the website. From the WordPress dashboard go to Settings > General > Site Title Hawaiian Name. Scroll down to find the “Site Title Hawaiian Name” field. Use ...
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The language bar has been added to the state theme to allow agencies to point to translation resources to assist LEP (limited English proficiency) users of the web sites. There are eighteen languages that you may add to your language bar: English, Cantonese (Chinese), Kapasen Chuuk (Chuukese),  French, German, Olelo Hawai`i (Hawaiian), Ilokano (Filipino), Japanese, ...
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Widget Logic and WordPress 5.8.1

Posted on Sep 27, 2021 in Content, Main

We have used Widget Logic (plugin) to display WordPress widgets on page(s) and or categories of our choosing using the WordPress conditional tags. For example would create side widget to a page using code like is_page (‘100’) to add a particular sidebar widget on the page with the ID of 100. WordPress 5.8.1 switches the ...
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September Newsletter

Posted on Sep 16, 2021 in Main, Newsletters

WORDPRESS 5.8.1 AND WIDGETS We will not be upgrading to this version of WordPress just yet. We need your help. We need to identify which sites are using Widgets; widgets are usually found in the left or right of a page providing navigation, links, and project information. WordPress 5.8.1 uses the block editor for WordPress ...
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Protected: Newsletter July

Posted on Jul 27, 2021 in Main, Newsletters

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WORDPRESS UPDATE On May 19, 2021 we will updating most of the sites to WordPress 5.7.2. This is a short cycle security update. We will install security updates on the productions sites after a quick test period on some test WordPress sites. The next major WordPress release will be WordPress 5.8. SOH PARENT THEME We ...
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Replacement for ET Shortcodes

Posted on Mar 24, 2021 in Content, Main

ET shortcodes (plugin) does not work with WordPress 5.7 and in some cases WordPress 5.6.2. The Shortcodes Ultimate (plugin) will replace the ET shortcodes. All pages, posts, menus and widgets using ET shortcode code will have to be replaced with Shortcodes Ultimate code. You may have used the following to add the ET shortcodes to ...
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Basic Authentication

Posted on Aug 9, 2019 in Main

This page is protected by HTTP Basic Authentication. username: testuser password: stateofhawaii   If you want to add/update/delete a user # Add/update password $ sudo htpasswd /etc/httpd/htpasswd USERNAME # delete user $ sudo htpasswd -D /etc/httpd/htpasswd USERNAME